Sic transit gloria mundi.

With a 113-99 victory in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the San Antonio Spurs and took the playoff series 4 games to 2. It is speculated, heavily, that this might be Tim Duncan’s final game.

As for me, I have many feelings. Frustration that my team lost momentum and the series. Sadness as I felt the Spurs exit before I felt they should have. Worry because one of my favorite all-time players has an uncertain fate. Pride because even with all that happened, the Spurs left it all on the floor and went down fighting, even when they had gone down big. And a glimmer of hope as I realize that next season will be a big one.

Nevertheless, the Spurs are at a crossroads. And should their captain, their rock, hang up his sneakers and call it career, they will have more questions to answer. If not, if Duncan decides to return for one last rodeo, then all the more will they need to step up.

Either way, here is a toast to the 2015-16 San Antonio Spurs, who flaws and all nevertheless found success.