The stage was set;
The players were gathered
Confronting each other
In an afternoon game

Two commanders faced each other
A steely gaze both had
With a brief handshake
They greeted and parleyed

The ivory general went first
pushing a soldier into place;
at this his ebony foil pondered
at how to reply.

After a fleeting moment (or two)
the black player commenced,
his move completed,
he awaited his counterpart

Soon began the white leader’s reign
once more he moved a piece –
“A fianchetto, I see!” quoth his rival
at the bishop that had just developed


(credit to Wikimedia Commons)

And from then anon, came the counter
White and black alternating in dueling fashion
Moves contemplated, pieces sacrificed
till but a few troops remained

Over the battle, the black pieces
gained the upper hand
All left to white were but his king
and a few pieces cowering near

Boldly the pale general commenced
a risky endeavour, meant to win
If he succeeded, victory was imminent;
If he failed, utter defeat to come

Yet his rival had seen the ploy,
And riposted with a clean maneuver;
At this, White realized his undoing
and promptly offered his resignation.

And so, on that day;
two friends once more played a game
of an honored tradition, from time immemorial
and Joy was the biggest victor thus.